I want an MMOFPS with competitive gameplay and magic!


Multi Classes System

Looking for more power? Better accuracy? Or maybe you want to be faster? Get into the battlefield using one of our classes and try a new kind of gameplay!

While the Knight is a good balance between each class, Artificers have the highest middle range fire power, although their weapons either lack accuracy or are skills shot-based. Scouts are made for reconnaissance, their high mobility allowing them to be the first on whichever objective their team needs to acquire.

Our last character is the Mage, designed as crowd-control units and support, they can either disable their opponents or buff and heal their allies, or even place alarms and traps.

Customizable Weapons

Fallen Ops features Gear that allows anyone to upgrade weapons. Tired of your rifle? Let’s add a laser pointer or a flashlight to it! Looking for less recoil, greater ammo capacity, or more power? You can also add a silencer, improved magazine or even a mini grenade launcher!

Beside regular weapons, we’re also featuring relics that allow Mages to unleash their strength, which will also be customizable using talismans.


Montages & Videos from the Community

If you're making videos around the game, feel free to send them to us and be featured here!