Fallen Ops is a browser-based online game, multiplayer, teamplay-oriented, instance-based competitive FPS.

Yes, we follow a free-to-play model, so you can access all the game features without paying any single $.

The game is currently available on all web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) which support the webGL technology. You can check your browser compatibility here: https://get.webgl.org.

We plan to release a PC version later in 2017.

You can register via our website here: https://fallenops.com/signup -- or sign up directly from the game.

Due to the resources required to implement a strong AI, we have decided that our game would remain multiplayer only for the time being.

No, we aim to have well balanced weapons, so it doesn't matter if players either spent 0$ or 100$ in the game. Some items are only available in TP, but those are mostly cosmetics and services (collector outfits, boost EXP, etc): it won't impact players in-game strength in any way.

Yes it is, we’re currently working toward a beta, progressively adding content. Our main goal is to develop the game toward its community, rather than creating a final version, releasing it, and possibly disappoint some true fans of the genre.

Please, never hesitate to share your opinion or send to us some feedback (via ticket support, forum...) about the game!

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