More than just soldiers, they are hand-picked warriors, who have pledged their flesh, mind and soul to the pursuit of a single goal: making their nation stronger against an ever growing opponent.

In battle, they are the most versatile, able to fit into a variety of roles, but aren't true masters of a single skill. Meaning they most likely can't fight at long range against a trained sniper, or take down a heavy weapon specialist in an equal fight.

Above all, they excel at mid-range and close quarter combat, and although they can't outrun fast opponents, they can spring into action and punish overextended ennemies.


As a light infantry unit, they are trained to operate beyond the enemy's frontline. Capture, assassination and sabotage are their deeds. Stealth, silence and cold hard steel are the tools of their trade.

Scout are the most agile, and although they also are the most fragile, they are quite a serious threat. They excel with small arms and rifles, making them apt combattants at close combat, as they circle around their foes, or deadly snipers, picking fights from afar.

This comes at the cost of mid range combat, meaning scouts have to carefully choose their opportunities before rushing into battle.



Mages, masters of the dark arts. They have peered into the abyss and read the secrets to untold powers, written in the words of madness. They are the diligent servants of fate, resigned to fight a battle they understand to be futile.

Mobile but vulnerable, they use their spells to incapacitate their enemies, and while rarely able to win a fight on their own, their crowd control abilities allow their team to engage their opponents on their own terms, singling out the most careless.

Their ability to lay down traps also protects their team against flanking, and provide crucial healing in the midst of battle.